Soft Wen promotion should pay attention to a few problems

July 24, 2017 0 Comments

today, Fu Kang Sheng network to share with you this time website promotion, especially some problems encountered in the promotion of soft paper, in reference to a lot of people online experience, summed up, hoping to give everyone a little help. Recently, some people asked me: Why did you write a lot of soft Wen, the post has also made a lot of, but the effect is not very obvious, the flow of the site or business is no improvement. In fact, this is not surprising, because it will write soft Wen is not equal to can soft Wen promotion, which involves soft Wen and web site between a few problems to consider, now we’ll exchange.

first, soft text accuracy. This is the most basic, a good soft Wen is often your product, a very good introduction, display platform, can let a lot of people through it more or less to stimulate your website or product of a curiosity. For example you are doing e-commerce selling clothes, if you only in some forum or blog a few words and then hastily upload a few pictures of Zhang Meinv, this can cause some Langyou attention, but for the entire product sales may not play the actual role.

second, soft Wen attention rate. This is the common sense that the promoter should understand. We all know that each soft Wen hope to the greatest degree of exposure, so published soft text is best to choose in its related large web site. Some people may say that the advertising filtering mechanism for large websites is very strict, and that will be a test of your kungfu. The so-called want to take, first with it. As long as you can create valuable content for their website, how can they turn a blind eye to it?

third, soft Wen transmission rate. We often mention the strength of the team, the promotion is the same, after all, a person’s strength is limited, if you can write a good article, caused a stir, the formation of pack loading scenes, is a successful example. But there is a problem is that, at present in the country, most of the reprint will be content in the article to be modified, remove the author and the chain, this is more regrettable. But no matter what, as long as your precipitation is enough, and writing articles are very creative, there will always be a day of success.

fourth, soft Wen click rate. This is perhaps the most common judge a soft measure of success, but often promote hand soft finish after that everything is ready, just waiting to click, but unfortunately, the amount of post large web sites a day thousands of soft Wen may be, click a few times already sink into the next page even is the next page. At this point, it is necessary to see the role of promotion, and good promoters tend to give a response or interaction at the appropriate time, so that their articles will never be far from the user’s line of sight.

fifth, soft text guide rate. This may be to test, push officials, the level of writing soft. The ultimate goal of website promotion is network marketing. The purpose of writing soft text is to attract users’ attention to our website or to buy our products. But why some soft Wen can flow into sales, but some can not, here is mainly a cited

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