New station line do four things realize five minutes included is no longer a dream

July 24, 2017 0 Comments

Hello, I launched four sites in recent weeks, the four sites from the start to the home page of Baidu search engine submission included no more than five minutes, perhaps many webmaster don’t believe, but the truth is that I have no screenshots, also do not want to embrace what purpose, I have the following I do this several webmaster write, you feel useful then support one, do you think it is useless to step on it.

first, the program used for the mature program, static program

maybe many webmaster do stand in is the use of your program or ask people to do the procedure, I have no objection to doing this, but I suggest that the technology is not mature webmaster, do when the site is actually more simple, that is to choose a mature program, I do four a website which is used Dede open source, titanium mesh program, Empire, DZ, the four programs can be static, the first thing is to solve the website after I static program website.

At present, many webmaster said in the

dynamic and static in the search engine has no effect, but I want to say: please choose ten webmaster in Baidu keyword search, in order to open the web page, see static website ranking is not much more than dynamic, the proportion of at least 8:2, it is still the mainstream of the establishment of static, dynamic can be used, but not the mainstream.

second, the content of the website must be more than 3000 words,

whether new or old station, the content is always the first element of the search engines, a website is not content to be search engine, it will take a long time, my website after the procedure problems of static second things to do is to solve the website content on the line, will be prepared in advance the content uploaded to the site, add a few pictures, then get a few columns, so that the whole site looks very full, here I suggest you Adsense, whether you are anxious, the website in the on-line time content must be more than 3000 characters, a 3000 word does not have the website that in five minutes to be included in Baidu, I could not see.

third, submitted to Baidu included, not just a web site,

many webmaster when submitted to Baidu included are used in the Baidu search center included, we also have a choice, that is the inside pages of the web site included, at least I do when submitted included, the first after the web page address submitted to Baidu included in the direct search center, enter the web page address your box in Baidu, found not included the URL of the page and click the submit, at this time the website page and submit a few more home, you remember here is not only a web site includes two meanings: 1 is a variety of ways included Baidu submitted; 2 is that we don’t. Just submit a.

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