Reverse thinking succeed station site planning principle

July 24, 2017 0 Comments

what is the most important part of a successful web site? Is planning! Good planning is the premise of good planning is half success; success is to choose the right direction "to" do things right ", apparently" do the right thing "is the premise of doing things right". The big truth is no nonsense. Writing this article aims to attract people’s attention and discuss it together.

often heard a lot of webmaster sigh: "station has done a lot, not a profitable.". Coupled with the current thorough investigation stage, it is worse. What is the future of the station? How do you want to make money? A very simple truth: look at what industry is now the most profitable, what kind of people are the most rich, you can shake them when Qian Shu. As long as they have money, you can’t afford to worry about it. Every corner of your life is a business opportunity. It depends on whether you have a keen eye.

many people do stand are ideas and mode of the same, do first station to consider how to make money, a common pattern is to do advertising alliance, as long as do flow can make money, the so-called garbage station from here. In fact is not so simple, some people do make the advertising alliance is N times than others, why he can only say about cattle! People pay more than you earn more than you is natural, he will analyze what type of advertising is the most appropriate the most profitable, to make their stand "the appropriate advertising service is the ultimate goal. "Reverse thinking" in the website planning in the understanding is to find the profit point, in around the profit point to design web site. Look closely at the details of life, and there are business opportunities everywhere. For example, one day last year, when shopping with a girlfriend, the billboards outside were covered with advertisements for training schools and training institutions. If I can provide them with an advertising platform on the Internet, I can make money. Therefore, a "training information network" has been carefully planned. In the early stage, some services can be provided to the training organization free of charge, so that they can provide training information free of charge. After a few months of promotion, traffic is big, and naturally someone asks you to advertise. In addition there are many webmaster said CPA/CPS did not earn money, it is you the right way, the simple truth: you have a training station put all the online shopping CPA, can have the effect? If you decide to do e-commerce CPA, you could do an online shopping portal or vertical communication BBS what station site gathered all the potential consumers of online shopping, a CPA is a piece of money or even higher, a IP10000 on the station, 1% hits a day income of 100, plus other advertising revenue, pocket money is enough money! That’s the secret to you whether to choose the right to stop advertising.

wrote this, as long as the correct station, the right to do the station, you can make money! This article from the training information network provide, reprint please retain copyright information, thank you for your cooperation!


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