Talk about a novice webmaster is how to do the station

July 24, 2017 0 Comments

is a novice webmaster how to do? I will give me some experience to say to everyone! Just personal opinion! (not good place I hope you do not Paizhuan, pain!)


website also has a time, at least when one day is a few hundred IP, no way, do not know SEO promotion! Remember listening to an expert in A5 Adsense said above! Don’t follow the search engine go! Yes, I think so, but we still like some to walk it. Baidu, it is the uncle buddy, untouchables, to put a good for it, Google, this is a fair! Most of my current website IP is derived from Google


              I do Google is Baidu, follow it, I don’t like! I just like I do for! SEO is to update the contents of the forum, and then send the chain, is so simple, do not stop to go to Sina, day long red bean, and so on, the forum above to reply! Then send the chain out! There may be some website long webmaster said: this method doesn’t work out! But for us beginners, which is by this flow, better methods still do not know how to do


yesterday, I had a keyword up to thousands of traffic, this is satisfied! For me now, if you can keep it down, so I can have more time to learn other things! I know the webmaster all know, I do not understand C language, not understand C++, also do not know what procedures! But I know how to do SEO, I used the method is the oldest and most soil, but I still do it! When the front site at the start of the more than 100 day of the IP look straight to lose heart good uncomfortable. There’s a desire to give up,

            but I still insist on down, this also let me know the reason why I used to do things that are not successful, no patience, no perseverance, no stick, do not know how to analyze the reasons? I want to insist for every webmaster to say is very important for the novice webmaster too! We like! The giant network Shi Yuzhu, if he did not insist on down, I don’t think he is today! Most website owners do want to make money, I also like or will not do a website. Do that ad League is right for yourself. This is for everyone to try and I am the same now. What ads are better suited to your website? What ads make you make more money? I’ve been looking for it now,


do other than to pay more than others know that you do make money, but how many people know that you work so hard in front of the computer? Do you know when others all night in front of the computer? No! Don’t know! Do, one thing is very hard, a lot to >

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