Understanding Cheng Binghao speech four words to know the nternet business

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seventh years although the Internet webmaster has ended, but the inside of the sound has not been cut off, all the wonderful views slowly to understand and digest, especially on happy net founder Cheng Binghao’s words and suggestions impressed after mood.according reflection over variable record as a summary. A few years alone Internet grassroots webmaster, what we need to know and improve, I went from feeling quite important four about.

first extends from point to surface,

from Cheng Binghao’s speech, I once again find myself for a long time the idea, that is to start from the niche market, when we do not have enough money, not enough talent and technology, when there is not enough contacts, will do some things, and then to do this thing, do it carefully. Be different from other people, so that even small things can steadily expand the market. Strive to be a needle, never do a net, net is later. You know, in the beginning, maybe we don’t even have the conditions to cast a net. So it is the needle into the "sting" market.

enhance product user experience

product user experience, not only includes the actual user experience, but also includes the impact on the user’s emotions. A iPhone, let the world is crazy, it is important to do a simple, good user experience; a hotel, service and food quality, make customers comfortable taste, will be hundreds of examples of legend; meet the eye everywhere all tell us a truth, that if you take into account the user, the user end we will return more than N times, whether by word of mouth or other aspects.

lifting product value added

first speaks of the differences between refining and promotion. Ascension consists of not being good enough, and there is still room for improvement; while refinement is the depth of excavation, the creation of something out of nothing. As the first US, since we used a needle to pierce the market, the model itself is relatively simple, you want to expand the market, such as digging. For example, "friend buying and selling" of happy net, in which the user can buy his friend, but he needs money. How can he have money? Go and invite your friends to the happy network, and the system will send you money. This is a virtuous circle; for example, the combination of many stores is a potential addition to the current value added. You bought a camera, and I recommend you buy a memory card.

appropriate to actively boot

I think everyone knows the importance of guidance. For a few examples, Taobao mall sales, B2C mall bottom number of praise, including the next line of booths onlookers number of users…… As far as the heart is concerned, the first purchase of the customer will be greatly affected by these aspects, because the first purchase of the user does not know your quality, what should I do? Can only rely on third parties to judge, the third party is other users. So, a product or a market, the first is

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