Old Huaiyin community 10 local website promotion lore experience

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, now Jiangsu, Huaian, formerly known as Huaiyin and the old Huaiyin community (http://s.www.laohy.com), is born in such a historical context. Old Huaiyin community work together, Huaian thirteen aunt to Huaian nightlife, mainly to the people of Huaian to provide urban livelihood, property, marriage, and other life information, and promote urban development!


1, first of all, to understand local culture, starting with the focus,

A: usually enter a market, we find that the local culture understanding than the blind do stand deeply is very important, so we went to Huaian held various activities, real estate, business activities, Queqiao make supermarkets, buses, small county related to the market, hotel, housing and so on; experience we Huaian people need what, then choose a city oriented value we think from view.

2, which industry is easier to start with,


answer: we are the owners, mostly with the grass roots; real estate, marriage, automobile, delicacy and so on are our lack of understanding, so we chose the entertainment as the motive force of our development, and selected the Huaian nightlife as the final point of development. Through the analysis, we find that any one of the city’s prosperity, the bar, KTV, hotel, the hotel is very popular, even the city development, but the night life relates to industry consumption ability is not a developed city, and the ratio of market demand and the amount of information occlusion, so from the night life we can bring very good user stickiness.


section drives the other point, prosperityAnswer: this

can learn A5 official forum, webmaster on popular. But we usually too much, and the limited manpower section, take care of all sections do not practice, so we chose the "Huaian night life" as the main development forum, when you put the content well, doing fine, professional. A repeat guest is not worried at all. Because this section of the content is easy to impulse, but the most important thing is that we see later learned something, simply create value, once produce value, users will be introduced to the site for the user friend.

4, "Thirteen aunts in Huaian" shape the brand image of the old Huaiyin community

answer: we really look for a beauty of Huaian, in the name of all groups were replaced by the "Huaian thirteen" aunt, "is used in order to improve the group’s ranking, ranking member will be higher, the state changed to Q me, the basic ranking ranked first, everyone can see, I have know; any one thing has a brand value; and our old Huaiyin community brand value is to" Huaian thirteen "as the center, with the majority of users who interact! I think at the moment in kantie friends may run your aunt thirteen, it is possible to have" Huaian thirteen aunt "drive to the entire

industry!How does

5 and the Huaian Night Life Forum retain Huaian?

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