Webmaster how to increase the web site outside the chain

July 15, 2017 0 Comments

as a webmaster, we all know the important role of the website chain in website optimization; especially for the new site for the new web site outside the chain can increase the vitality, increase website traffic and increase the popularity of the website, has the important influence on the website of the overall quality improved. Here, summarizes the following experience for your reference.

exchange links,

links is one of the most important ways to optimize website promotion. Of course, the same industry and the PR value high site swap friendship connection is the best way; however, the new site want to switch to mark the Links is difficult, we may wish to take on a friend relationship link, or with the money to buy Links; of course, buy links to select the search engine weight high the site, like the Ji’nan real estate will choose Ji’nan second-hand housing esf.jnol.cn Links, is a very good website, the same type and their PR high site do Links effect.

blog, Bowen promotion,

‘s blog promotion is to register blogs on blogs such as Sina, 163, Sohu and so on, and stick to a blog post at least once a day. Of course, Bowen is best associated with their website or industry, like Ji’nan real estate house.jnol.cn blog mainly about intellectual property, the property market in Ji’nan as the main body, the opening of real estate, real estate deals, published recommended large-sized apartment real estate news; at the same time, add the related links, link in the blog, such as service users, and increase the users of the site can be reached the impression of double-edged sword effect.

soft writing promotion

The soft

is to write some technical articles, released to the Admin5, Chinaz and other famous sites or forums, of course in the article to attach themselves to the link address, if your article will be reprinted in high quality, to get through the chain of others are. But, soft Wen this thing is more difficult to write, need to accumulate rich website experience, this needs us in the daily website promotion in more accumulation, more summary. This article first Ji’nan online property house.jnol.cn reproduced, please retain the copyright!


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