Slow King watercress seek change this time really want to go quickly

July 15, 2017 0 Comments

2009, when the size of watercress users into ten million class moment, watercress internal experience of the most intense history of a "line of struggle", the dispute finally reached an agreement. However, no one realized that since then, watercress’s future shape, so inevitably be set in the direction.


titanium media note: in 2014, the watercress annual meeting, watercress CEO North admit watercress missed 3 years. In the PC era, with its slow watercress once won many people’s joy. Unfortunately, the mobile Internet era, watercress has gradually fallen behind, causing many people sigh. Previously, titanium media website has two articles on this phenomenon to express their views, the reader can read from Douban user aspirations: watercress you hurry to go "and" slow Jun watercress, unfamiliar street is eroding your mobile terminal". This article is a continuation of this discussion, the full text by the titanium Media Editor:

in 2009, when the scale of tens of millions of users into the watercress moment, watercress has experienced intense inside a "line" in the history, the left is the current global SNS boom, and watercress group staggering active heat, operating for the first, the right is to build up media bean gene. In books, movies and other goods to connect users to master algorithm.

dispute eventually agreed by the end, the Spring Festival holiday in the upcoming off-season, Yang Bo Miuccia Douban’s official blog, wrote an article entitled "Metamorphosis" watercress log, he said: "we have been worried about the highly active community may interference to all music services, such as the human the conflict in the community will spread to the comments and articles, tens of millions of non community users." After the reorganization, watercress communities were aggregated into the master station, through the information flow, dynamic update of social friends — to maintain the user’s adhesion, books, movies, music and three modules is independent on the sub station (or channel) position, as a commercial product to business.

this deformation, naturally caused a routine rebound in watercress users. However, in a hubbub, no one realized that the future shape of watercress was inevitably set in the direction. The most obvious evidence is that whenever you want to have bean — such as highly valued products in-depth social areas of Alfa City, into a mediocre, but as long as it is of interest to extend and mining, such as watercress reading (reading extension), watercress FM (music by extension) – but is full of tension.

in short, watercress users between between strangers and acquaintances, the direct relationship between the value of the light extraction is limited, so the user’s operation, watercress realized there is not much way, another way Quxianjiuguo majority, on the other hand, due to the platform of the one and only, watercress by micro-blog, WeChat and other new products have less impact, Reflection Arc thinking far better execution, which also caused the watercress slow company reputation origin. I used to

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