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The title

see, you might say, what is a good website that is not directly, and then upload the revision will be accomplished? If you think so you are completely mistaken! See if you need to pay attention to the following revision


1., before the revision, first of all need to plan, what things need to improve, must not have all things abandoned, or before all your efforts are in vain,


2. at the time of writing also must pay attention to, the name of the file, do not change, otherwise, the search engine is not easy collection of things, not to have access, it will cause the loss of mass flow, and even cause the search engine to give you the website drop right!

The new version of

3. to be completed, the best point of replacement, do not suddenly become new, so the spider to think you is a new web site, in that case, big trouble, the best replacement sequence is "home page – Web page — website article list" spiders have a process of adaptation, will retain the greatest degree of your collection of


4. web site to choose a good time, when not selected in the major search engines to update the website, like Baidu basically when the weekly week 2 update, this time not to move, to be revised to wait until Wednesday, we did the test on Tuesday, change it, you included a minimum number of have less hundreds of pages. We should pay more attention to Google, not revised every month at the end of the month, not revision in the major holidays, because Google’s algorithm is more suitable for foreigners, foreigners always love holidays to surprise you. Google basically will not be updated at any time of the week, if you have anything wrong with the site, it will immediately reflect on the amount of your collection, basically, from time to time. No, like Baidu, it’s always a surprise for you on the morning of the second day. If your website traffic comes mainly from Google, you will have a slower tempo. Do Baidu, revision, a web site a month can be safe and smooth after revision.

Efforts to update

5. in the revision of the site should also be strengthened, so that the spider robot longer friendly is better, the greater the chance included, if included with the description, revision effect on spider robot is small, we can continue the revision of


6. revision when we want to increase publicity, so that the major spider robot from all directions to crawl, so that not only traffic flow, but also the weight of the major search engines should be due to upgrade!


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