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to say that the operation of the website, in fact, I do not contact this time is not long, relatively speaking, experience is limited, but even so, I have some experts strongly disagree with some of the remarks.

sees someone say today: website operation is after website construction is finished…… Balabla. This is not mature, I think a mature operation plan should include the pre site planning, demand analysis, expenditure budget and late marketing promotion, content updates and marketing effect monitoring. To put it plainly, this is a big question, a topic that is not easy to handle.

talk about what you’re going to do first.

, first of all, is the requirement analysis, which is the basis, and all the work behind it is based on it. For site planning personnel, in planning before there will be other site operation experience, but this must be to recover these experiences, you want to understand the industry, including the industry characteristics, product characteristics, characteristics of user groups, do homework more carefully, the latter work is simple.

After the completion of

demand analysis requires the formulation of planning, planning must have guiding significance on the back of the work, that is to say on the basis of the demand analysis, plan out is to summarize all the work behind the master, behind the work you need to install a master step by step.

after the needs analysis, the team needs to classify, summarize and summarize the data collected. Different industries have different data, but the goal of the web site is nothing more than two, one is to raise the visibility of enterprises, and the other is to bring revenue to enterprises. But in the different plan plan, these two goals have different emphases, and generally speaking, the website operation’s early stage emphasizes on enhancing the popularity, the ultimate goal is certainly for enterprise’s profit. Therefore, the early emphasis on brand marketing, late emphasis on product marketing, and these things are based on the pre – Analysis of demand.


expenditure budget is part of the planning programme and is a necessary complement to the planning programme. Expenses include the following: server and network bandwidth hardware costs, labor costs, advertising costs, site production costs. These costs require a certain understanding of an operator, which many people ignore.

The focus of the late

is marketing, and there are a lot of things that don’t go into detail here. The network also has a summary of many promotion methods, there are free and paid, the way of cooperation, advertising and so on, each method has its characteristics and effects, site operations personnel are required to have a comprehensive understanding of. Website promotion can never be used only a certain way will be able to sit back and relax, it must be a combination of many means.

different types of sites and their contents are not the same, the update cycle is not the same, such as the site of information need not regularly frequent updates on some e-commerce sites, they are relatively fixed, certainly not as good as the information.

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