The secret of successful personal website improving customer satisfaction

July 14, 2017 0 Comments

with the development of Internet, Internet competition now is not the year that a few people in the industry, now many users are into the Internet as a webmaster, so the Internet has become a competitive industry, in the fierce competition among the many owners ignore the interests of users, the extreme development of one-sided pursuit of website. The user is not satisfied with the result, the final outcome is the site of the conversion rate is not high, jump out rate is too high, this site is in fact does not meet the development needs of the Internet, we should be how to improve customer satisfaction, to create a low bounce rate of


let’s take a look at the Internet business and the company’s product sales, in fact, the Internet site operation and a company’s product strategy is the same, that not all customers are very sensitive to the price? What is the factors that affect the customer purchasing decisions? You need from the customer’s point of view as a selling point: price, performance, function, cost, service, brand, scalability… The same is true of the success of the Internet. You need to look at the user’s point of view, fully respect the user’s psychology and needs, and create a more valuable selling point than competitors. This is also the secret of success in personal websites.

one, seize the user satisfaction psychological

user satisfaction is the feeling of pleasure or disappointment that a user creates by comparing the perceived effect of a certain function of a web page with his expected value. If a user in the use of her website one section after the perception of website quality and weight performance below expectations, will not feel satisfied, in this case, the website is very easy to loss of the user; if users perceive this performance in line with expectations, will be satisfied; if users perceive on the website the service performance than expected, will feel highly satisfied, in this case, the website is very easy to train the inertia of loyal users. Therefore, the "satisfaction" of the user’s heart is the most important site positioning, it determines whether a user can accept a web site. At the same time, it will become an important basis for evaluating the quality and weight of web sites. In doing so, you must understand and define the actual needs of your target audience. Reflect the website can provide them with what content, resources, services, what functions of interactive platform, the use of functions. Specifically, this requires site managers to accurately locate their website users, users, and to meet demand. Cases of gaming sites, most of the users are young game player, they are younger, keen on fresh trendy things, show their sexual desire is very strong, so the overall site will cater to them these features to make them satisfactory".

two, in the operation to grasp the user satisfaction psychological

1 and multi-channel collect user feedback

only by the webmaster himself to the needs of the user, and the introduction of information content and service function is far from able to make customer satisfaction, achieve "match up"

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