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July 14, 2017 0 Comments

we all know the chain to the importance of the search engine rankings, if you have no outside chain resources, it is difficult to obtain the high quality of the chain to a new station, in this case, get access to the most simple and direct method is to buy. Several of my own small stations are through the purchase of links to get the rankings, the following I bought a link for a year of experience and share with you, I hope the novice friends to buy the chain to help.

I bought the

link is a link to the Trading Forum to find suitable sites, this is a good platform, there are many webmaster posted here sell link information every day, how to choose their own websites? There are a few points: < / p>

1, site type matching. The better the link, the greater the weight of the site. If you’re doing a slimming product, it’s best to buy links to weight loss sites. If you don’t have this kind of website, you can ask for the next thing, such as women, beauty, and beauty.

2, select high quality websites. The quality of good web site, the role of the chain is relatively obvious. How to evaluate the quality of a website? First look at the PR value, the PR value of the high station must be better than the low stand. Secondly, look at the included and snapshot, included more the better, the site snapshot preferably in three days. Finally, what I value more is the ranking of the main keywords of this website. If the main keyword in this station, in Baidu or GOOGLE can be arranged to the first page, indicating that the search engine is relatively friendly to this station, that is to say, the weight of this station is not bad. If you can’t find it on the first ten pages, I usually don’t think about buying his link.

3, export the number of links. Sell links, export links, the less the better, export links too much, dozens or even hundreds of, will disperse the weight of the site.

above is the choice of link site, to consider three points, there are two points, we do when buying links should also pay attention to:

first, don’t change links frequently. Some of my friends to buy a link, because the seller’s reason or their website to find a better and cheaper link of the original purchase link is removed, it is adverse to the site, especially the frequent replacement of the chain. Therefore, in choosing to buy links, we should carefully select the good, there is no special reason, it is best to insist on buying. Do not weight the site up, the purchase of links removed. My site is because before buying a few links, then some links I was removed, and the link to sell the site shut down, the chain within a short period of time less several, site of PR by GOOGLE 0, there is no main keywords ranking. So, buy links to insist for a long time, if you think it’s a waste of money to buy links, you can buy some time, wait until your site and the PR value rise and buy links exchange links, if the quality of your website.

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