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I’ve been in touch with the Internet since 99 years ago, because I was still in school, so I had little contact with it. I only knew how to play QQ. At that time it seems to be called OICQ, and that is no addiction, just feel difficult to type, and so on the keyboard, I can not find the keys, chat a few times, no chat. Later on high school is the computer, when the computer profession is a popular professional, not much, talk about business.

The real contact site

, is at the end of last year, because it is easy to network in Tianjin, before the development of this website too many things, people watching a lot of websites to make money, do not know how to earn, then only know a membership fee, which know the flow of this stuff can make money ah, in April 19th this year in the third session of the General Assembly webmaster, listen to them all the big webmaster, about the time to think closely reasoned and well argued, should have a good understanding of what the site, back with "stationmaster" magazine for a week. Just know a little later for work, together with our manager on site operation, finally found the site made is a beginning, just like World of Warcraft, born to 60 is started, the key lies in the operation.

below, I said a few operating methods to basically say the basic method of operation of the site

Don’t put the

1. site traffic IP look too heavy, because it would confine himself to a circle, this is a taboo, such as web content with some simple SEO traffic will go up.

2. website profit model as simple as possible, the more profitable models, the more people lose their heads.

3. now some industry websites are saturated. If you work with a successful website, who do you think will succeed?.

4., don’t follow the trend, what is hot, what to do, that is not good, such as the last few years WEB2,.0, blog, and so on,

in fact, there are still many aspects, these four points are still more important.

is now making a station to do a small but excellent website, don’t be the pursuit of particularly large portals, after all, now is not the portal era, first make a small, naturally can become big.


above is for reference only, the establishment time is not long, please forgive.

hopes to communicate with you more QQ:373979947 (left driving)

welcome everyone here,

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