Teach you how to write soft text dumpster article

July 11, 2017 0 Comments

here is to show the novice, veteran flash! Like a warrior said that I shot dead. (oh, a joke) soft, so in the end what is soft, I do not bother to search Wikipedia, PA dictionary, take some personal understanding of the popular to say about it, "soft" is equivalent to "hard", is a kind of soft article advertisement, but not it is obviously direct advertising, let people see the imperceptibly even very willing to see your site to your web site, Zhishizhizhong didn’t detect your entire article is for this website or web site and write a text ads, straightforward point is implicit.

soft in fact everywhere, a major newspaper in the daily lives of newspapers, journals and newspapers such as the computer, but the soft stationmaster is closely related to where to see it, but I see no other stationmaster net ADMIN5.COM at it, but from A5 point of view, can be regarded as a soft Wen, not much, can truly achieve the soft realm of less, is not to say that you write is not gorgeous, but most are not novel techniques, has not realized the soft "soft" conception, mostly with a website that is wrong, a good soft Wen, but do not look at the content and form of text, for example an article written by the Internet industry articles, regardless of how long the length, but with a no related web site. Unless someone who knows nothing about the Internet, very few people don’t know your ad is not intentionally added. Some stations in more keen to replicate in the title, and then add their names back then: Moumou more titles, the others address change into their own, do not say first how the effect of the soft soft, from the heart I despise this person.

soft form has many kinds, with different types of websites soft approach is not the same, then this is not that soft specific form, is not limited to comment or narrative even just a false story. Today to talk about how from a point of view to write soft garbage, garbage station all know the purpose, one is to increase the external links to resources for yourself, another goal is to increase website traffic, which is the direct flow of the soft bring you this. (do not underestimate this flow, how are you a good soft, decided not to search for a less popular keyword to your traffic, but the requirement of soft webmaster is higher now) on the A5 soft, most still remain in the first stage, also is to increase the chain order to write soft Wen, below are simple from this two aspects about garbage station of the two soft Wen form how to write.

: outside the chain for the purpose of what we call the chain of soft Wen, the relevance of the contents of the article and grasp the matching requirements of the site is not so strict, not limited to, say you are a women’s website, the article is a webmaster heart or other leisure you can insert your website, as long as it can be inserted into the site where you feel.

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