The domain name Godaddy to record the whole process from the network

July 11, 2017 0 Comments

A few days ago

I have already sent the two article about my domain name, the first is complaining, said the domestic domain is difficult to turn out, "I see the domain name," second article, decide on what path to follow? "Received" code domain transfer network. 00 separate, don’t feel like, here on my turn out after a simple record, I hope useful for everyone.

1, from the difficult

My name is registered here in a proxy nets (then the cheap, do not know, on the domestic domain now think of regret, if directly registered in foreign countries would not be in such trouble), before March 14th, I have been asked the transfer of the domain name of things, he said I have to pay 50. Very angry, do not want to pay, because we all know that the transfer of the domain name registrar should not set up obstacles, and all have said, turn out to be free, he said that the company provides 14 of the time!! I really want to turn out, then contact your agent, pay 50 blocks. The rest of it have a problem! The problem is my Registrant Organization above fill is zenoven, if you want to transfer it to mail zenoven ID card information to the network, which may give million? The answer is the same as the phone call. The agent says there’s another way to transfer online, so you can change that Registrant Organization, but you can roll it out after two years.

two days?! this is all nonsense! Online said the terms of overlord, nothing too! Let me say this is not the overlord, rogue! What makes you so I can not be transferred within two years of

?In view of these agents and

nets under the provisions, I want to talk with them turn out to be impossible, but that $50 has been paid, the agent said to me to renew a year now, was 55, the renewal…

2, I want to take over the domain name? No way! ICANN

to complain about him!I think the

screen name? Zenoven! Free! Want to take my domain name is not possible, all roads lead to Rome, since this is a good way, it is a change, see the hugege out of network experience, I’m really anxious for him, much more difficult than i… He complained to ICANN, and finally successfully transferred out, since this road is feasible, then I’ll try it.

ICANN opened the website, fill in your name all the information, and then paste your complaint (details can search ICANN, submit the complaint. "). There was no reply after my first complaint, which was probably the Regi> of my domain name at that time

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