Why not build a film and television derivatives vertical electricity supplier website

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read "Iron Man 3", I want to buy a doll with iron man and iron man themed T-shirt, couldn’t find where to sell! Cinema sales derivatives? No one to take care of, a chicken ribs, as no, searched for the line to line, not a Baidu search where there are sold, with the result of the film There are plenty of people who, after a period of time, I want to buy something on Taobao, but the workmanship and quality are generally rough, even.



build a vertical business website based on selling video related products?

of course, put forward this idea, certainly some people will ask: out of all bad frequent domestic film market, derivatives of rampant piracy, the lack of creative industry, are disjointed and so on and so on, also want to what? I think the movie derivatives market and domestic and abroad are very different.

television derivatives originated from the United States, from the movie, is refers to the projection on the screen outside the film and television industry output value increased all downstream products, including all kinds of toys, audio-visual products, books, electronic games, souvenirs, stamps, clothing, posters and even the theme park and so on, can be in the television show after quite a long period of time in Everfount continue to bring benefits to the film and television company.

as everyone knows, movie derivatives has experienced decades of development in foreign film market, the development is very mature, according to statistics, in the United States, derivatives of the income of up to 70% of total revenue in the movie, is much higher than that of the film at the box office, such as the classic movie "Star Wars" trilogy of all $1 billion 800 million, its derivatives accounted for but more than $4 billion 500 million. In 2007, the "Star Wars" released in 30th anniversary, the world fans held a variety of commemorative activities, for example, in the film industry in the position of Big Mac derivatives Disney has the operation mechanism consummation, its biggest television derivatives — Disney Park, it is known to all.

in China, the film revenue of 90% to 95% are from the box office and Product placement, many movies are basically not consider derivatives as part of film development, coupled with the movie piracy everywhere everywhere, status and other objective reasons have caused the domestic film and television derivatives.

1. Domestic audiences are different from

in the consumption of film and TV derivatives

domestic film market, basically did not create similar to Hollywood this man that man’s classic film image, but consumers for television derivatives sought after, but not in the film and television actor, but in the protagonist’s dress, with clothes, with jewelry, with a bag, with a kind of props awfully goods etc. Taobao sold, most often.

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