What needs to grasp the points open a choker shop

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bright neck with a piece of jewelry, it is not very beautiful? Perhaps because of this, the official birth of silver market, and the product is more and more rich. Moreover, the silver has been popular for a long time, so it is difficult to define this trend first is where to start. Neck collar design has just become one of the main fashion. Every tide there are many opportunities for smart people will bring people unexpected surprises, that you have not thought about opening a silver shop?

open shop Choker key:

1, to open a silver shop, must have some knowledge of the silver shop, can give customers the unique suggestions. If the customer’s neck is very long, can be modified by the broad collar, even with quite a few entwined, creating rich aesthetic feeling. The neck is long and the shape and the skin condition are quite good person, may walk two extremes: selects the color to be bright or the color is quite cool.

2, the neck is short for the customer, with the collar opportunity relatively little education, but if the face is not particularly round or short, still can find the appropriate style: for example, a thin, can hang a feather collar, will be very beautiful. Feathers fall down the original shape of the arc, it is not too much impact on the face.

3, now people in general love for neck size one, which one cm width is the most beautiful, raw materials can be silver and pearl, diamond, rope, precious metals, jewelry and other kinds of things, with the so-called thrifty people, customers will play to the most beautiful, so does your business fire up.

4, and the collocation of clothing is V Choker collar, followed by a relatively large round neck, then a turtleneck. More embarrassing is the neck collar and blurred edges, or intersect. That’s a difficult situation.

5, of course, actually is not so simple, because people have occasion varies seasonally, as long as grasp these principles, you can win their own piece of the sky in the silver market.

because now people for a variety of Choker demand is more and more big, will make the market more and more, therefore, if the venture capital, open a shop Choker will become a very good choice. However, if you want to succeed in business, nature also need to grasp the relevant skills, and above the relevant points introduced by small, naturally also need investors to pay attention to.

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