Some skills of rural supermarket chain store design

June 29, 2017 0 Comments

is now in the rural areas has a very broad social resources in rural areas, at the same time, because the business is not very developed, and the whole social commodity market demand is very large, so set up in rural areas, some supermarket chains are very profitable.

2005 in February, the Ministry of Commerce in the country launched the "million rural village market project" construction, sounded the clarion call to enter the rural supermarket chains.   6  over the years, supermarket chains in rural areas have been greatly developed, so that farmers enjoy the convenience of modern commercial circulation and benefits, but also for operators to bring a certain amount of income.

"gold shop Raiders" planning in the store design in particular increase period of "rural supermarket chain" project, we analysis the case, introduced the rural supermarket chain store design skills, want to want to open a chain of supermarkets in rural areas to help a friend.

composite size sign Qiao

in the local country, taking chain supermarkets have a certain reputation, Liu Guiqin introduced the chain signs, will own the shop named "China business chain supermarket Huang Ze shop", the supermarket chain store signs to improve their visibility. China’s supermarket chain store door is very eye-catching yellow color.

sign and the supermarket store long, in addition to the above printed with eye-catching "commercial supermarket chain stores Huang Ze", but also printed on the "Shengzhou City assured demonstration shop" and other words, let the customer create a trust, buy the rest assured.

in addition to posting publicity slogans, the glass wall has become a commodity posted leaflets and advertising banners hanging a good place. Due to the transparency of the glass is better, paste in the inside of the product promotion list from the outside to see more clearly, with the protection of glass, leaflets can also be maintained for a long time, played a better role in publicity.

cigarette counter striking

supermarket placed wooden cabinet shelves and glass counters, high-grade goods are placed here. Among them, the cigarette placed into a major bright spot. Cigarette counters placed at the entrance of the eye-catching position, counters in the smoke from the high-end to low-grade, the species is complete.

setting display area

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