Love apartment 5 suspected shooting makers can meet

June 24, 2017 0 Comments

"love apartment" TV series is the favorite of young people, but also to cultivate a large number of audience favorite, but also a very good actor. Therefore, the recent love apartment 5 suspected of shooting the news has been concerned about the netizens, creative people who can not gather the focus has become the focus of attention.


4 on the evening of 2 August, "love apartment" in the play Mika Li Jinming bursts of two micro-blog, micro-blog revealed the details of suspected "love apartments 5" will be shooting information. Li Jinming’s first micro-blog looks like a "love apartment," the script, which not only shows a "love" word, the upper right corner, as well as screenwriter Wang Wei, Director Wei Zheng name. Wang Yuan and Wei Zhengzheng are the writers and directors of "love apartment" series. Second micro-blog was only one self, but the self as the special background of Hu Yifei and her family, and the other is "love apartment" in the other similar Mika, a lot of friends that love apartment 5 will start shooting.

Secret "Xian Fei love ending a sentence" iPhone are 5 and 6, why not love apartment 5 and 6? "The expression of love of fans eagerly look forward to love apartment 5. "Love apartments 4" in time and again in to meet with the audience, breaking the record for the fastest billion TV premiere hit, "throw off the drama from the stars you" several blocks. As a domestic drama, one of the few popular drama, the fifth quarter was so high popularity, it is rare. Although deep in the plagiarism door, suffering from advertising implants stiff and other criticisms, but love apartment appeal is absolutely not to be underestimated.


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