Lining had to rely on his own efforts to get out of the woods

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we know whether it is a person, or a process, can not be smooth sailing, there is a peak, there is a trough. Therefore, the frustration of life is inevitable. The following Xiaobian for everyone to answer how Lining should get rid of the dilemma.

introduction of investment fund is an important means to help get rid of the dilemma, but Lining is really out of the woods have to rely on their own efforts.

by the decline in performance trapped Lining has finally ushered in a good news, has a wealth of operational experience and talent of the retail industry as a strategic investor into the capital of Lining TPG. TPG will provide strategic and operational support for the development and growth of Li Ning Co, the good news so that Lining shares rose 21% in the subsequent trading days of two.

TPG is the world’s leading Private Equity Investment Firm, founded in 1992, under the management of its assets amounted to $48 billion. With 17 years of investment experience in China and strong resources in the consumer goods and retail industry. The successful case of TPG had to assist Taiwan invested shoe manufacturers Daphne turnaround transformation. TPG help Daphne improve storage and distribution management, and put forward opinions on operations and supply chain. In the TPG shares after second years, that is 2010, Daphne core earnings increases 2, the stock turnover decreased, the share price increase of more than 2 times.


once as the first domestic sportswear brands, Lining is now facing the external situation is more complicated. In 2011, the phenomenon of large inventory of domestic brands, the major domestic sports brands have been trapped in inventory, the industry into a comprehensive adjustment period. Lining peers PEAK previously released data show that the second quarter of 2012 will be ordering order amount orders increased 9.5% compared to the same quarter in 2011, since 2009 this is an increase in the minimum amount of orders for PEAK, PEAK had to order the amount of an increase in more than 20%. Anta sports in the third quarter of 2011, the operating situation has worsened. Anta announced the expected data show that third quarter same store sales growth fell, while the retail side discount rate also expanded. There is no doubt that 2012 will be a very sad year for domestic sports brands. In this context, Lining want to get rid of the shackles of the environment, it is difficult to outshine others. Moreover, compared with the old rival Anta, PEAK, Lining’s deeper inventory of the disease.

sorrow is two from the impact of international brands. In the domestic brand zigubuxia, international brands began to force the two or three lines of the city. Although present >

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