80 husband and wife opened an illustrator studio income

June 24, 2017 0 Comments

small illustrations can change the overall layout to bring people the impression that many people do not know you can illustration a faction, bring considerable revenue for many entrepreneurs, the husband and wife after 80 opened the illustration studio to start.

work in the book industry for nearly 10 years, illustrator Deng Junli, and wife resigned in Jianghan Road, opened an illustration training studio. Just over two months, their Dorje innocence painted Illustration Studio has trained 22 students. These students not only in the studio class, can also complete the teacher received illustration release single, earn money, enjoyable.

Small warm "home"

Dorje innocence painted illustrator hiding in Jianghan Road pedestrian street in an apartment building, with more than and 90 square meters workshop warm. Garden floral wallpaper, covered with the participants of the work table, a bunch of fresh flowers exudes a pleasant fragrance, a little white cat to flee in the computer under the table to flee. Compared with other schools, the studio is more like a small home.

in Dorje innocence painted illustrator has 3Run such illustrations for enthusiasts, prepare for employment of college students, they come here like the studio head Deng Junli, fulfilled his dream of illustration.

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