Maintain customer relationship to keep customers in store

June 23, 2017 0 Comments

in order to be able to store more customers, and now a lot of shops but under a very big effort. In short, as a store operator, should focus on how to train every customer into repeat customers, this is the secret of the long-term development of the store business. We should treat customers as friends, chat with each other, so as to cultivate customer loyalty. My experience is: to create a file for customers.

my shop is located in the rural areas, the main consumer groups shop is the villagers to the village near my home, I was a native, most of the villagers are familiar with the situation at home in the village, which I collect customer information, provide favorable conditions for the establishment of customer files. The customer’s name, date of birth, marital status, children, contact information, as well as preferences and preferences in my little book remember clearly.

, for example, brother Zhang at the age of 48, remarried, opened a small factory in the town palace face development zone, family economic condition good, high level of consumption, love "Abba", the new cigarette is interested in. With this information, I can more accurately understand the customer’s consumption ability and consumption demand, in communication with customers, they are more likely to find topics of interest, can be targeted to recommend products to customers.

once, my brother Zhang in the QQ space that is two days after his birthday, I’m going to brother Zhang has sent a birthday message, brother Zhang was very moved, he back to the message that he runs the factory to give workers labor insurance, want to buy about 300 pairs of labor insurance gloves I shop there, such as goods, would send him.

of course, I will not let go of this rare opportunity, second days, I put the pair of labor insurance gloves sent to his palace factory, Zhang eldest brother at that time let the payment of the money to pay the 300. These years my shop business booming, thanks to my customer records and family style service.

of course, as long as it is dealing with customers, it is easy to produce a variety of contradictions, if you want to retain more customers, these contradictions naturally need to be resolved. Open shop to do business every day to deal with customers, it is inevitable that customers will be dissatisfied with the product or service issued by the complaint of this or that, in the face of complaints, we should not only treat correctly, but also to properly handle. I specially prepared a record book, when a customer came to complain, I put the process and handling of the record. The benefits of doing so, not only can give the customer a sense of value, but also for their own accumulation of complaints to solve the experience, and then to the store’s service and management deficiencies to be corrected, improve customer satisfaction.

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