Lingyun the first rural migrant workers across the rural cooperative venture base

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

now migrant workers entrepreneurship has become very common, and in some places in order to attract other local migrant workers who come to business launched a lot of good social policies and measures, recently, migrant workers across the rural cooperative business base founded in Guangxi Lingyun established.

9 2, the first Lingyun county jointly established by Lingyun County under a ping Huai Cun and Yu Hong Yao Township village of Jiujiang youth migrant workers across the rural cooperative business base was established in Jiujiang village of Yu Hong Yao Zu Xiang, this is a bold attempt to implement precise poverty alleviation in Lingyun County, is the advanced industry and the first folk village of Hou Jincun independent marriage, which has taken a "rich to help the poor, with the development of" win-win cooperation in the new road of poverty alleviation.

it is reported that the base was founded, partner Ping Huai Cun has sent a youth culture expert long-term in Jiujiang village to provide free technical guidance and poverty alleviation project planning, reporting services, until the entire operation base on track.

The establishment of


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