Starting from prison break

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

"prison break" is a very red fire in recent years, the United States of America, the ratings continue to increase ratings, won a lot of praise, much like the audience! So, "prison break" and what are the relevance of entrepreneurship, what are the links? May wish to come together to understand!

Funding and execution (

venture to be successful, the need for a strong executive team. More of the test is the entrepreneurial ability of the organization, you have to find a variety of directors to help people, such as the ability to play, can flicker, and the government to engage in relations, can incite people, etc.. The most important thing is that we must be very clear goal, escape from this purgatory (enterprises into a virtuous circle, began to profit), so we have the ideal, with hope, everyone began to work hard. Here we can see how the fugitives bribed the guards, how to purchase appliances, how to set up the relationship with the officials, how to eradicate the situation, and so on. This is very familiar with entrepreneurship.


in heavy siege kill birth day, win the market, we need to master the details. Like fugitives, the control of every second of time, the intensity of each point of control, the mentality of the people to grasp, a little voice, a step and so on the activities of the control, must be accurate to a point. If everyone in the entrepreneurial team is so small

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