Small businesses do well on how the string you see Hot pot

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

many food and beverage business success, are starting from a small business, the accumulation of popularity earned reputation after a step by step to grow up. The small business we are willing to choose snacks. People who have entrepreneurial ideas will ask: so many snacks, which one will choose to make money? Don’t worry about how you look at this snack item?

said on the string Hot pot belonging to the Chongqing public road catering management limited. The company was established in 2013, in recent years, the economic situation and market demand, after 2014-2015 years of in-depth market research and development, to create a set of traditional Hot pot and Chuanchuan Xiang advantage in one of the new format string "on the Hot pot" brand, and in May 15, 2015 in Longxi, set up the first outlets.

we passed the health quality and classic taste traditional Hot pot, the pot add zero, the fusion of traditional dishes to choose various Chuanchuan Xiang mode and price concessions and other characteristics, especially for the young consumer groups tailored personality with fashionable dining space, provide a new dining experience for men and women in the diet.

"bottom of the pot to add, health and good taste" is our pursuit of the end and resolutely implement the operating principles. No health is zero, with chemical additives, "good" taste is equal to zero. We are all starting from the customer, natural selection of fresh ingredients, add elaborate cooking technique and modern advanced production technology, provide health good taste for customers, create new formats and strings of Hot pot "to become the leading brand in the country to join and share resources, and make unremitting efforts to achieve social trust and respected brand.

Since the

series "brand launch, the market positioning of the brand, style, products are widely recognized and sought after by consumers and the media, and by the industry praise, and in just six months, successfully opened Longxi back to Longwan, the Monument for Liberation, the pride of the world nine street stores outlets and 8 stores. At present, the main city of Chongqing is located in the expansion of outlets, from mainland Chongqing and the provinces, city and county franchisees also in a continuous line.

we adhering to the "communication, trust, play, synergy, innovation, win" spirit of enterprise, is committed to creating the national excellent food and beverage brands.

"wolf said on" 80, 90 as the main target customers, because with the pace of life and the way of change, many old friends tend to be more delicate products, with spicy taste for the consumer, this kind of crowd every year, showing a decreasing trend, which makes 80, 90 became the market the consumption of the main force. Their personality, fashion, innovation and other key words to become their pursuit of consumption, and consumption of small table based, the pursuit of product diversity and affordable, fully consistent with the positioning of my brand and consumption patterns.

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