What are the requirements for cabin barbecue grill

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

barbecue franchise shop to do a large number of brands have joined the cabin barbecue, then what is the barbecue grill, you want to join the barbecue shop to see the introduction of small series!

2006 barbecue grill on the Internet for the first time in the Chinese and English domain name, this year, the National Trademark Office approved the "wood barbecue" registered trademark. In the log cabin highlights the median Chinese grilled tone to ensure product quality;, mainly meat were purchased directly from the North Green 6 old lamb; the main seasoning were purchased from supermarkets, Metro Sam shop.

join the cabin barbecue what are the requirements for the store?

wooden barbecue, always committed to the pursuit of excellence in user experience and the pursuit of a green lifestyle, to create a Chinese style third living space, to provide you with a small private world, but also the joy of your life naturally.

hut barbecue franchise were operating varieties of total varieties (76) 2/3, which signs characteristics and baked goods series of fish, crayfish, refreshing refreshing refreshing brand snail, lamb row, lamb bones, spicy lamb, chicken, pig cartilage, cartilage oysters, shrimp, eel, leek, Scallop in Shell Rosa and nearly more than 40 varieties by the customer recognition and favor.

after ten years of development, and now the country has a number of stores, the company is booming development, for franchisees, the need to meet the following requirements.

a lot of people are concerned about the requirements of the franchise, joined the store requirements are as follows:

1, more than 50 square meters

2, with a certain stream of people

3, complete procedures

4, water and electricity comply with the requirements of the company

5, in accordance with the company’s unified style decoration

if you can meet the above requirements, and the idea of joining the clear on the bottom of our website message!

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