Old shop into a new dynamic business is more popular

June 21, 2017 0 Comments

decades old shop, unless it is some old customers, new customers after the door, the first visual sense is not good, want to achieve the transaction, will naturally have more difficulties. I run a department store wholesale tobacco and liquor is a fast twenty years old shop. At the beginning of the gorgeous beautiful supermarket shelves and smoke wine cabinet, in the town is really a scenery. At that time, little street one or two serious supermarket. As I do wholesale business of department stores, most of the old old-fashioned shelves, my wholesale department because of the change of the supermarket shelves and immediately became a different, business also followed a lot of good.

turned over the past decade, the shelves are like people, youth through the bright time, again through the vicissitudes of life and become old and clumsy. Some of the original unsalable goods shelves is curled up in the end of the pass, after a considerable period of time and become more No one shows any interest in. These things thrown off, want to sell but nowhere, placed on the shelves where the pressure is not ugly. The old shelf coupled with too many slow selling goods, the feeling is really bad. Needless to say, customers do not want to patronize, even if the owner is also difficult to see their own comfort.

looked around like bamboo shoots after a spring rain lined supermarket, revealing all the extraordinary style on the tall, unwilling to drown in the sea I decided to store a big shake, inject new vitality for my old.

said he would do it. First from the supermarket shelves. Remove the old shelves, those unsalable goods can send customers are sent to the customer, can not send people directly when the garbage thrown away. After more than a week of busy rectification, a new shop image in the eyes of customers. 500 yuan a group of new supermarket shelves really brought a different effect, some of the original distribution of large supermarkets have also started to shop in front of the shop, and I negotiate on the goods. Even agents promise me, as long as a certain amount of goods can also have end frame cost and Duitou fees, and enjoy the wholesale price is still.

of course it’s wonderful. Wholesale price, and then equipped with display fees, which in the past is not a good hope that the wholesale department. In the new supermarket shelves, my wholesale department to show the customer is the image of the supermarket, the sale of goods is still the wholesale price. No wonder some of the old customers and I joked that the boss of the store so high on the street, the price is higher, people are willing to visit.

before the store image has not changed, some customers to buy the whole cigarette, the total will ask: "boss, you will not leave this cigarette, right?" At first, I will be angry, why not trust people? But still patiently pointing to the cigarette tobacco code to tell the customer, this code is my card on the tobacco monopoly, so that they can not fake. It is no wonder that the previous shop

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