Open dumplings high profit small choice to get rich

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

Chinese diet culture is broad and profound, and there are many unique food are more popular with people in China, including in China, one of the many people’s favorite food is dumplings, now we live around there are also many dumplings.


1: This is the dumplings and popular traditional folk food, among the people always have the habit of eating dumplings, dumplings is the staple food, but also can be used as a snack, and the changing tastes of dumpling stuffing can be varied, meat is rich in nutrition. Suitable for operating in different regions.

2, low operating costs: can be sold to the store, relative to other food and beverage business to invest less.

3, the technology is simple: dumplings are common people usually do the food, people will do, do not need a professional chef.

4, the majority of the market: dumplings have a general market demand and a huge consumer groups.

5, no seasonal: pasta as one of China’s staple food, like to eat dumplings group is not a few, every day there are consumer demand, so there is a busy season.

6, off-season points, can be sold throughout the year.

7, simple management: business theme clear, product characteristics, product structure adjustment is convenient, easy to update business varieties, low requirements of personnel, procurement of raw materials and convenient, so the daily management difficulty is small, very suitable for the new catering entrepreneurs.

8, huge profits: dumplings generally by the number of sales, due to the variety of dumplings taste, can also be sold by different stuffing heart, the average price of 3 yuan per bowl in the range of $6. How to open a dumpling shop profits to different varieties of retail price calculation, 50 people dining, the average per capita consumption of 5 yuan (20) calculation, income of $250, the gross profit of nearly 120 yuan, the monthly income of about $3500.

In fact, as a kind of


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