Small entrepreneurs should sell in winter

June 22, 2017 0 Comments

winter will come to buy, this is a number of entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial motivation, but so many entrepreneurs, what is the best time to sell it? Here, Xiao Bian will explore this issue with you.

1. thermal underwear

both at the mall or where there are a lot of people started underwear sales, but also to the early winter season begins with a lot of people begin to prepare for the winter clothing, for the sale of such products do not need to put all the clothes are hanging out, as long as the use of a set of samples to hang when you can. The cost is not too high, but also relatively easy to shut down.

2.  socks, gloves, warm water bag, palm warm, scarf, hat, cotton insoles, cotton slippers

3. baked sweet potato

4.  plush stockings and other women’s living supplies

had to admire the women, especially young girls, will go shopping in cold weather, a look at the lives of women, actually they attract the most warm supplies or cheap and affordable.

5. sales

money earmuffs