How to get higher profits by investing in 3D printing business

June 17, 2017 0 Comments

is willing to take greater risks to embark on the path of investment and entrepreneurship, many people are naturally against the final profit. So, if you want to venture capital, I certainly hope that their career can be rewarded with more wealth. So, how to invest 3D printing business to get higher profits?

industry veteran Kim Tao revealed that 3D printing process is very simple, but behind the technology is not very simple. Because of the need to make a 3D printing products, first of all to make a digital model, through the scanning equipment making "rough draft", and then through the complex changes, can generate 3D printer identification documents, or the use of computer aided design (CAD) software for 3D modeling.

But investors do not need to

down, many of the current market in this kind of business personnel engaged in the design, and even some mechanical professional college students can better finish the work, investors need to be willing to invest, to hire one or two students will be able to solve this problem. Equipment, services, products, three channels are indispensable.

Jin Tao said that small investors in order to obtain a higher profit margins, you need to do a good job in three channels, that is, selling equipment, selling services, selling products, in general, the profit ratio of the three channels is 3:5:2.

first, selling equipment. Target customers are some DIY enthusiasts and technical personnel engaged in design work. In addition, the price of small printing equipment is not expensive, as investors invest in the dealer is not large.

secondly, selling service. This is also the main means of profit in many industry operators. Not everyone is willing to pay a few thousand dollars to buy the machine, but they also have 3D printing needs, investors mainly for this group of people, such as the newly married couple, parents of newborn, love personalized gift "90", "00". It is understood that a number of well-known enterprises in the industry only by selling services a year, about one million yuan in revenue.

third, selling products. This is somewhat similar to and sell services for customers, making products, but the difference is that the product has two characteristics: one is the mass production of products, orders started at least two hundred or three hundred sets, sometimes up to thousands of sets, the general needs of customers are engaged in high-tech production of small and medium enterprises, due to less orders, "opening" is not worthwhile, and find in 3D printing business more cost-effective.

two is based on the investor market survey, batch production out of the product, such as online games in a number of role models World of Warcraft, its target customers are some of the online games, animation, personalized gifts obsessed customers.

no matter what kind of venture capital to do a business, as long as we can find a channel for business

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