Offbeat name is being investigated

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now every entrepreneur wants their own shop name has more features, more attractive, so all kinds of names are constantly appeared all sorts of strange things. Indeed, the business people want to shop for their own or a loud name of the company, hoping to attract the attention of the masses, but also for the future of business to discuss a". For this reason, the name of the store will be people’s attention, but does not mean that the name of the shop can go beyond the norm".

recently, such as "he fuckball" and "rounds", "non zone" let some people find it difficult to accept the offbeat name appear constantly, although the name has been part of the business sector to stop, but the hidden behind the many violate social morality, laws and regulations, tradition and other issues, are it is worth pondering.


survey is divided into two kinds:

offbeat name


, or more lattice: curry favour by claptrap

readers reflect a new xiaolizhuang village 27 District of Henan city in Zhengzhou Province, shop shop signs hanging out "his grandmother a bear", so it is hard to imagine what they are selling, while the reporter learned that this is a clothing store, store the old board just came back from the south to work said "go out for several months, his thoughts opened up a lot, this name is to attract people’s attention, in fact, sell goods and others do not have what distinction."

at the same time, Zhengzhou West, a reader called to say, a shop called charming dress, there are induced juvenile crime suspects. On the second day, after the publication of the report, immediately aroused many readers resonance to denounce the behavior of the shop’s behavior. In fact, we are the distribution of men and women fashion casual clothes, with ‘charming’ is intended to allow consumers to show their colorful side, who would have thought that we are mistaken ‘I did not wear clothes’." Later, when the business staff to investigate the shop, the boss said in dismay.


reporter interviewed via the three road, Weiyi Road, found two offbeat names: "rounds", "non zone". "I don’t know what they’re selling." Near the public when they found "very much puzzled, a barber shop special rounds" in front of the neon lamp in the rotation, learned that the barber shop, and for "non zone", a few people get to see the shop and placed inside the wig, that is selling wigs.

2, ambiguous: homophonic involving yellow

reporter in the city of Zhengzhou Xinghua street, Weiyi, Li Zhuang, Chen Village, Yao Zhai Cun to survey the shops along the street name status. It was found that many shops use homophonic Chinese characters involved".

played in a shop selling adult clothes at Xinghua Street South

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