How to operate the store in the building

June 15, 2017 0 Comments

if the bustling downtown, when doing nothing to promote sales, put a horn shouting, shop cards do a little bigger, these are a kind of propaganda, can bring more consumers to the store. However, if the store in the open, such publicity is not desirable, want to operate successfully, but also need to grasp the other operating methods. So, how to operate the store in the building?

in the shop floor deep in the building, there is relatively limited source and see how the luminosity, maintain the normal profit? Of course rely on word of mouth. In fact, not only is the floor in the store, all the business profit from the opening monument that let the shop business, quality and service of infected customers won a good reputation, and bring new customers through their word of mouth.

marketing pointed out that cooperation is the best, the new customer acceptance and acceptance of goods are often brought by the old customers. Why? Because people tend to the people around them and their close people have a sense of trust, just like you because I worship a teacher, and then it will accept some of his views, even the imitation of the unconscious. Similarly, when people close to your ear that something good, you will really feel it good, in this premise, because you will easily accept the recommendation of others and one, thereby reducing the suspicion and vigilance.

if you look carefully, you will find a satisfied customer will give you bring in more naturally or half unconsciously deal, because people have such a psychological show: when he bought something after Italy Hexin always with people close to a "sun", this is our daily life often hear that sentence: "you see, I bought?" And he will always meet with the people, the other will say: "Oh, my god! Splendid! Where did you get it?"

after the dialogue do not have to say, we will know what will happen next. And there’s a situation like this: "you look great in this dress! Where did you get it?" This is the active site of the potential buyers, from another perspective, wearing clothes from your store man became your shop model, daily life is the life of the fashion show, it also has a strong impetus to the consumer.

everyone has hidden potential customers, like the famous American salesman Joe ·, Gilad summed up in his amazing sales career, the 250 law". The center of the law is that if you win a person’s favor, it means to win the favor of 250 people, and if offended a guest, it is equivalent to offend the 250 guests.

states that, if the potential customers as the template to analyze, each customer behind stood about 250 people, these are common to his people: colleagues, relatives, friends, family and lovers in >

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