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after signing Ma Dong, Liu Chun and Gao Xiaosong’s studio in June 5th and announced the signing of Shouma studio, cooperation to create a named "fashion arena video".

to Rosinante, also officially announced his withdrawal from the fashion group, open entrepreneurship. This is a traditional media people out of the story (although Rosinante called just "turn around"), he is relying on a transformation as his name "Shouma studio". During fashion group, Rosinante founded the "men loaded", "Robb report", as a group vice president and vice president of fashion, has a relatively rich media experience and fashion resources. Against the fashion aura, in fact, the fashion group for many years to eat honestly or traditional media that bowl of rice, with all the traditional media, like advertising revenue model will come to an end. Now a way to start their own businesses, is to play is not the same as what? How to add some fashion Internet?

Rosinante to the tiger sniffing his thoughts a little bit about, do a rough puzzle.

– "fashion arena" this file video products

Rosinante Iqiyi did not disclose this file video on the scale of investment, and its proportion. Forms of cooperation between the two parties is probably a creative and content: Shouma studio, Iqiyi provides the ability of making and selling advertising, divided into two sides. Shouma said the direction in advertising sales, he and Iqiyi have agreed in advance and consensus, which is the direction of the brand are "rivers and lakes" to take, what kind of brand can not touch, to ensure that the program is in good temperament.

sounds, positioning the product packaging does not present the video market. It is not a personal talk show Rosinante, is not the traditional chat show; each 25 minute program will be composed of 5 segments and combination of different topics, its contents can be both Rosinante appeared in a fashion show scene, may also be a skinny horse with his friends in fashion circles talk of a brand the story, the audience is seduced main Flanagan: by fashion to Tucao or express human nature and desire, making fashion talk. Obviously, its unique content is relying on Rosinante for so many years in the fashion circle contacts contacts, and to grasp the fashion industry steeped in style.

Shouma further for the concept of the program package is: should the Internet content of the production processes of the upgrade. To be more straightforward, the producers will not only determine the theme of the hot words from the current network, the acquisition of material, but also based on Iqiyi’s monitoring of user feedback and social trends to adjust the content strategy.

– "or" fashion arena audio products

audio with Iqiyi is not what the relationship is, skinny horse studio and fashion group, radio stations (such as the Shanghai people’s Broadcasting Station), airlines (HNA) cooperation, video and audio programs show of the same name — a little like Zhenyu logic thinking, two products of the same brand. The audio will go through with fashion group

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