Adult supplies store profits high

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now that take a Adult supplies stores, many people will think of the lucrative returns, however, if the venture capital opened this shop, the profit is really very high? Why can we achieve high? Next let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

profiteering reached 1000%

when it comes to business, Adult supplies store operators mostly but not exude carefully conceal mentioning, operating difficulties, difficult look. The front door of a salesperson is a bit proud to tell reporters: This is not like restaurants, people come and go, customers are usually not much, but as long as the basic thing is to come in to buy things."

into the adult supplies store to buy more than 85% of the men, the age span is relatively large, from the age of 20 to the age of 60, with a majority of men around the age of about 40. "Money, no money to buy, there are cars to buy, there are migrant workers to buy." A front door boss said. Basically all the Adult supplies stores are open 24 hours, most of the buyers are beyond all expectations, are not as we imagine it at night time to buy, the buyers accounted for the majority, but relatively less at night.

in these male buyers, in addition to buy Contraceptives, to buy aphrodisiac female supplies the majority. In the south station, the front door, Xidan, these places of adult supplies store, travel and the field has repeatedly been mentioned by the operator, and come in almost no bargain".

do not bargain to the adult supplies store a lot of profit margins. Due to the special nature of the use of this product, most buyers to know it is not deep, so bargain is out of the question, plus a lot of buyers are "come, go, but as soon as possible after buying something, feel shy to bargain. However, the profits are very surprising.

with the most common condom, a box of 12 "love" of Durex’s wholesale price is usually around $17, but the average Adult supplies store to sell 60 yuan, 3 only the wholesale price of 6 yuan, while the store almost 14 yuan. What is more he can sell to break up the whole into parts, only 5 yuan or 10 yuan.

is not the maximum profit of condoms, because this kind of thing in the ordinary drugstore can buy, not businesses will set the price is too outrageous, and those aphrodisiac supplies and the price of all kinds of simulation instruments have not walked the edge. For example, the simulation mentioned earlier, Mai Kuraki, the price even in 3200 yuan a, and the actual wholesale price from Guangzhou is only about $500.

"macho capsule" a total of 8 tablets, retail stores around 150 yuan

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