Taiwan bakery in Shenyang

June 13, 2017 0 Comments

with the cross-strait three links, in the business field of cross-strait youth exchanges have become increasingly frequent, many young people across the Taiwan Strait to the mainland business, open gold journey, double activities also brought them more business opportunities.


"Shenyang the Imperial Palace, the imperial tombs of the ancient landscape, it is also particularly straightforward, I fell in love here." Luo Jiaxi said, a year after returning to Taiwan, he decided to go to Shenyang to create the black jazz bakery.

however, most is how to make the brains of Roga like bread "fire it up". "It’s not a good business, so I’m looking for reasons. The original Taiwan and Shenyang taste preferences are different, such as one called the crown of the cheese bread, I changed to coconut as raw material, hot up immediately. There is a dried orange peel as the raw material of bread, sold in Taiwan is not warm, I did not expect to be respected in Shenyang."

"Shenyang is a passionate city left me an unforgettable mark, I want to use the best way to connect Taiwan and Shenyang culture." Luo Jiaxi said, he decided to air plant in Shenyang, a career.

A common cultural foundation and recommended

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