How much money to invest in small dry cleaners

June 12, 2017 0 Comments

dry cleaners, due to the size and geographical factors such as different, the cost of investment is naturally different, if you want to invest in a small dry cleaners, then the money is needed? A lot of businesses need to figure out the problem, if you are interested in this project to understand it.

for the first two people who want to open a dry cleaning shop, the best choice should actually be opened a small dry cleaners. Small dry cleaners do not need their own high cost, in the course of the shop will not face great risk. The most important is that small dry cleaners profit is very stable, although not rich, but very stable profits for entrepreneurs to practice.

since the cost of opening a small dry cleaning shop is the lowest, then there is no doubt that its equipment configuration should be the most simple. The general small dry cleaning machine is equipped with a simple and efficient oil dry cleaning equipment and some of the more complete processing of auxiliary equipment. Although the configuration of a small dry cleaning shop is simple, but such a small dry cleaners can give people the most powerful washing effect.

to open a small dry cleaning shop investment cost is in accordance with the distinction between the form of shop, general form of independent shop and dry cleaners, have independent shop for high cost, high risk, generally do not consider. The dry cleaning shop in the form of dry cleaning costs, it is in accordance with the choice of the brand to join the distinction.

small shop is very popular in the market, many franchisees are willing to invest in this type of franchise, because the investment situation is different, the cost is not the same, but you can according to some factors to estimate the cost of the above analysis, I believe useful to you.

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